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Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Photo: Chesapeake Bay Bridge seen through a bus window

In June 2008, Baltimore high schoolers from the Vivian Thomas Academy and the Baltimore School for the Arts converged on Port Isobel, near Tangier Island, Virginia, for a National Geographic Photo Camp.

For four days, Chesapeake Bay Foundation educators helped the students explore the unique Chesapeake Bay environment, while National Geographic photographers and editors mentored them in photography and writing. The students documented their experiences—as seen in this gallery.

Student Chris Stephens, who took this photo of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, wrote: "National Geographic Photo Camp was very valuable to me. This program helped me become more connected to the environment. I’ve learned to express my ideas and feelings through photography.

"I’ve used photography to express my new connection to the environment by taking pictures of things I have never seen or heard of before. Then, looking back on the pictures I learned what things were and how they got that way. I thank National Geographic Photo Camp for everything."

Photograph by Chris Stephens

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Long Exposures

When making long exposures, use a remote release to avoid camera movement. If you don't have a remote release, use the camera's self-timer.

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