Dawn through the Archway 3

Category: Places


Photo and caption by Anne Holford

You enter the inner courtyard at the 18th century Haras in Normandy,France by one of two carriage sized archways. The cobbled paving stones still ring out to the sound of hooves of the Haras horses,although horseboxes,not carriages,enter and leave in this century. The bell stays silent these days(it used to ring out for estate workers to stop for lunch or dinner). A climbing rose now covers the wall and works its way up 'sleeping beauty' style to adorn it. We don't have the heart to prune it. The sunrise seen through the frame of the archway on October 13 was breathtakingly beautiful.

Location: Haras du Gazon, 61210 Neuvy au Houlme, Basse-Normandie, France


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