September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015

Abstract Aerial

Photograph by Stas Bartnikas, National Geographic Your Shot

For Your Shot member Stas Bartnikas, aerial photography is a passion, a fortunate hobby for someone who travels up to a dozen times a year. “Every trip, I fly and take shots,” he writes. “Iceland is [the] most photogenic country from above.” He captured this kaleidoscopic view of volcanic lakes near Mýrsalsjökull Glacier from a Cessna. For him, partly sunny weather, a good pilot, and an elated mood made the colorful and unusual picture possible.

Bartnikas’s shot was recently featured in the Daily Dozen.

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Niall O'Driscoll
Niall O'Driscoll

Lovely photo (and allows to me to repeat the line I've used ever since I was lucky enough to visit, that you can aim the camera in any direction in Iceland and be guaranteed a wonderful picture) - but I suspect you have a typo in the name Mýrdalsjökull (I only know because I was went on a ski-mobile tour on top of that glacier)

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