December 17, 2013

Above the Namib Desert

Photograph by Chris Schmid

This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Photo Contest Images

Aerial view of the Namib Desert, Namibia, Africa

(This photo and caption were submitted to the 2013 National Geographic Photo Contest.)

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Marafado Feitio
Marafado Feitio

é natal, depois ano novo, depois vem o carnaval...assim já 1/4 do ano, a pascoa e a primavera, vem o verão que corre rápido e já temos 3/4 do froma que pasamos muito rápido por este planeta. aproveite o tempo...o tempo que o tempo tem!!!

Madhumita Pal
Madhumita Pal

Its amazing how difficult it can be to gauge the scale of any picture without a reference object. 

For all we know this seemingly huge river is a thin trickle of water with moss growing around it !! :)

Lawrence Sibley
Lawrence Sibley

Extraordinarily rich orange colouration in the sands of the Namib Desert!  It looks like desert winds have blown the sands up along the edge of the rock outcropping.  The green vegetation adheres to a dried up riverbed.

The photographer has selected a wonderful composition from the many possible contours in the landscape. What a great, sinuous shape that is between the desert and the riverbed.   And my brain can't help but see in the bottom half of that shape the fantasy head of a sleeping giant, and just above it the profile of the head of some kind of noble mammal, evidently two characters from the same untold legend of the desert.

Janice H.
Janice H.

Striking & strange looking topography, but colorful and curiously interesting.     Wish there were more of a description of exactly what we're seeing.       Neat shot!

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