January 12, 2013

Birds, Israel

Photograph by Silvi Gecht, Your Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures

Hula Lake, Israel

(This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot.)

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Andreas Bracke
Andreas Bracke

Very interesting to me to see these wonderful birds in Israel or Palastine. I love to watch them in Summer and Autumn time here at the baltic sea-when they gather before their take off to the south.

I would prefer the pic to end just before this mountain in the back with horizon at 2/3 of the pic and perhaps a little more contrast like the ILFORD XP2/400 film gives


This is a very depressing picture. I think colour would brighten it up a bit but still to capture so many Wattle Cranes  together is really fantastic.

Med Na
Med Na

Beatiful. I think "Birds, Palestine" better match with that picture.

Josh Blood
Josh Blood

Because the photo is black and white it is almost open to interpretation of how the enviroment actually was.
In my mind the scene is very bleak. The shore of the lake in the foreground looks muddy and almost depressing with the cloud coverage. (I mean all of this in a good way.)

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