May 29, 2013

Beach, New Jersey

Photograph by Steve Scanlon, Your Shot

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Similar clouds were visible the evening prior, so I had a hunch and woke up before dawn to set up for this shot at our beach club, Sands Beach Club, in Sea Bright, New Jersey. Using my tripod on the upper deck, I knew that the playground would make great foreground interest. This was taken on June 12, 2012. These structures, as well as the beach club, no longer exist. Hurricane Sandy destroyed them. Thankfully, the beach club is in the process of rebuilding. —Steve Scanlon

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Ashraf Abolnour
Ashraf Abolnour

Sandy beach ,lovely for kids ,blue sky and blue water in one shot are amazing .thank you Steve.

Shannon T
Shannon T

Sorry to hear it was all destroyed but it's a fantastic photo. The clouds look like waves. Amazing. Thank you Steve.

Dan Dady
Dan Dady

When White Balance is corrected, whats the big deal?

The fact that the FEMA response is actually less than Bush's Katrina?

Once again
Once again 1 Like

great great sky color  mixing with the sea color and the cute play ground.

Azar Aftimos
Azar Aftimos

Wonderful and peaceful. Many thanks for posting.

Remo Aviron
Remo Aviron 1 Like

The photo is particularly striking, for me at least, in that in my many years of beachcombing, I've never seen, whether Hawaii, the West Coast, Europe, Mexico or Central America, a beach with playground toys.  (I think most places, the beaches are either public, the beaches are undeveloped, or the nightly tides and surf would wipe those low lying structures out) Even without the sky the abandoned glitzy toys would have been worthy.  The foreboding sky makes it truly surreal.  

Helene Purcell
Helene Purcell 1 Like

This picture made my day. I go to Ship Ahoy and seeing it this weekend was heartbreaking. What I did realize was that its the people who make the beach so special and even if there's only a beach and an ocean, we'll all be okay. Thank you for sharing!

Enyi Guo
Enyi Guo

Sandy made this shot special I assume?

Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin

my opinion not destroyed ein weiterer Horizont

Mario Ljubicic
Mario Ljubicic 1 Like

very sad it was destroyed, looks really great for kids

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