March 6, 2013

Emperor Penguin, Antarctica

Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

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Preparing to launch from the sea to the sea ice, an emperor penguin reaches maximum speed.

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Paul Nicklen awarded first place in World Press Photo contest »
Learn the story behind the shoot »
Watch a behind-the-scenes video »

Tatyana Akindinova
Tatyana Akindinova

и пингвин и океан прекрасны.А фото вызывает только положительные эмоции!

Once again
Once again

the video is so great.this amazing  creature swimming so fast sliding on their belly. thanks for myra and samanthalyn for making me watch it.

SamanthaLyn Samuelson
SamanthaLyn Samuelson

Video is Fantastic!!  Picture is awesome!  Paul Nicklen did an unbelievable job of "taking us there" with the emperor penguins!! 

Myra Linara
Myra Linara

I viewed the video, it was amazing, it was beautiful and the trail of tiny bubbles the emperor penguins left behind as they swam was just incredible.
Then I looked at the picture again and I was still awed.
You certainly are a winner Paul Nicklen.

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