August 10, 2013

Fire Thrower, Paris

Photograph by Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic

This Month in Photo of the Day: City Pictures

In Paris, old limestone quarries fan out in a deep and intricate web under many neighborhoods, mostly in the southern part of the metropolis. Here, a fire thrower named Louis spins light at a gathering in one old quarry. Nearly all of the more than 180 miles of quarry tunnels are off-limits, but parties happen anyway.

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Christine Valin
Christine Valin

love the art inside which give it a lot of color and atmosphere!

Wendy Shreve
Wendy Shreve

Great example of art on the fringe. Primal - man with fire and "graffiti" or "cave art" as the background. Multi-layered photo.

Bernard AUGIER
Bernard AUGIER

Colourful illustration of the decadence of the western world...

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