May 3, 2013

Tokai Forest, South Africa

Photograph by Penny R. Robartes, Your Shot

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I woke up early to go take some photos of a haunted mansion in Tokai in Cape Town. I got lost down a dirt road of sorts and noticed how gorgeous the heavy mist looked as it hung low over Tokai forest. I went into the forest and was taking photographs when I saw a crow in the tree about to take off, so I aimed my camera to where I thought the crow would fly and captured it when it came into my frame. —Penny R. Robartes

(This photo was submitted to Your Shot.)

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Allison K.
Allison K.

There is something so cozy about this photograph. I think it's the trees. They represent strength. The sky is soft and enveloping. I like how the bird's wings turned out blurry. It looks like a good place to hide from the rest of the world.

Shannon T
Shannon T

Beautiful color and I love the bird flying through. Thank you Penny.

Christian Dahl
Christian Dahl

MAGNÍFICO!!!!!!!!!,PARABÉNS!!!!!!!!!!!!,BELÍSSIMA FOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 1 Like

This photo has a surreal vibe to it. It's like a picture from a dream. 

CoShane Rich
CoShane Rich 1 Like

this is a cool photo i like that the bird is in the middle of the photo. Also that you took the photo with the bird  and the trees

Cason Purell
Cason Purell

I wonder what that thing is in the middle. Where is the mansion? awesome photo.

Ramsay Nike
Ramsay Nike 1 Like

AWSOME photo. My favorite part is how the bird looks fake. Also I like how the trees are so big and long.

matthew s.
matthew s.

Where is the mansion? I dont see it. It is a amazing photo though....GREAT PICTURE!

journee journee
journee journee 1 Like

The fog and the trees are a wonderful combination  this is a beautiful kind of bird is it.

Aidan Nunook
Aidan Nunook 1 Like

Capturing the bird in mid flight is very nice, and I love how the fog, trees and the little wooden posts make the forest look very mysterious and wonderful looking.

Bodell Cougars
Bodell Cougars 2 Like

The big trees are beautiful. And, the bird right in the middle is perfect.

Xava Paredes
Xava Paredes

The bird isn't very important (for me). The combination between the trees and the fog is beautiful.

orange Doctor
orange Doctor 1 Like

i miss Samanthalyn samuelson,Richard Jones and other s' insightful comments

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