May 28, 2010

Church of the Good Shepherd

Photograph by Thomas Young, My Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: Travel

An old stone church sits among the placid grasses of New Zealand's South Island, a land known for its wide expanses of untouched land and vast farming outlets.

Aotearoa, or "the long white cloud," was the first name given to New Zealand when the Maoris paddled their long canoes to its inlet shores centuries before European explorers sailed through the Pacific waters. Within the compact island nation there are alps to rival Switzerland’s, plains more fruitful than England’s, streams and rivers as laden with fish as Scotland’s, fjords reminiscent of Norway’s, and beaches as alluring as California’s.

Photo Tip: The control of perspective, like color, falls into the difficult-to-explain category. Basically, it is the ability to use your camera and lenses to control the relationship between the background and foreground of your pictures.

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