June 21, 2011

Highland Cattle, Scotland

Photograph by Patrick Kelley

This Month in Photo of the Day: Traveler Contest Images

While hiking in Scotland we encountered an ancient breed of highland cattle known as "kyloe." They are stout and have adapted to grazing on plants that many other cattle avoid. Their long shaggy hair protects them from the cold winters and rainy weather. They curiously approached us because to them, I'm sure we were the unusual-looking visitors!

(This photo and caption were submitted to the 2011 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.)

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Hilya Nufus
Hilya Nufus

I can't stop laughing when first time I see this photo. I like it so much :)
So unique :D.

Michael McDermott
Michael McDermott

True sustainability begins with Highland cattle, one of a few beef breeds which increase flora and fauna by ten fold, combine Beavers and include water retention for habitat development.

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