August 2, 2012

River House, Serbia

Photograph by Irene Becker, My Shot

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A house in the middle of the Drina River near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia

(This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.)

What Makes This a Photo of the Day? The long exposure and autumn colors make for a beautiful scene, but, of course, it’s the house that captures my imagination. I want to know more about this dwelling with the little red kayak: Does someone live there, ferrying provisions from the shore? —Alexa Keefe, Photo of the Day editor

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nena nena
nena nena

Drina is a river in Europe with the various features famous for fastness with cold and greenish water. I have been visited there before my bus philadelphia nyc. It offers the visitors numerous points to see
1-Tara (Drina)
2-Piva (river)
4-Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge
5-Sutjeska National Park

Milos Mandic
Milos Mandic

@Jesse McKinneyYes, it is real, and the place is correct. Although, to much photoshop on this picture for no reason, the place is beautifull without touching it up. Just google : kuca na Drini, and u will find more photos. Whole that area near river Drina and Tara mountain is stunning, I have a small wooden house similar to this one, just on the mountain.

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