January 3, 2012

Infinity Pool, Singapore

Photograph by Chia Ming Chien

This Month in Photo of the Day: Travel Photos

The vertiginous "infinity pool" at the Marina Bay Sands resort offers a sweeping view of Singapore, a country that's achieved success while building up instead of out.

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emma bail
emma bail

Wow... What a picture and the pool. It actually looks very scary. I can not enter in such pool which is based on such height. There are so many wonders in this world which we don't know about Check it out here http://goo.gl/KphvJW

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Broq Alsaif

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אייל  טנדלר
אייל טנדלר

amazing, I imagine how this view would have being seem during night time with the lights , Also I loved the fact that you can see the bluer sky and it not all blurred like in Bangkok.   א.טנדלר

Mohammed Nazrul
Mohammed Nazrul

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Steve Megahan
Steve Megahan

Don't think it maters if the pool is heated, but if its not .... wow 


I hope it's heated...

Ess Mickey
Ess Mickey

@W M Never been to Singapore, I take it?  I'd be hoping that the water is kept cool.

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