January 7, 2016

Seeing Red

Photograph by Naing Thu Soe, National Geographic Your Shot

Interested in observing local tradition and culture in Myanmar (Burma), Naing Thu Soe visited a traditional umbrella works in the port city of Pathein. While documenting the traditional craft with his camera, the Your Shot member witnessed some of the handiwork involved. “I saw a boy binding cotton ropes between [the] umbrella cover and bamboo umbrella bones,” he writes. In time, he had the idea of photographing the process from inside the umbrella.

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Waiyan Htut
Waiyan Htut

I am So Proud of u bro @Naing Thu Soe . I'm so glad to see Myanmar's Traditional Umbrella on this site.

I also shared this page on FB. 

adeeb alani
adeeb alani

Very cool in the work of conceptual art

Alessandro L.
Alessandro L.

wonderful interesting shot... rich in color and of simple reading figure with intricate texture; great!

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