March 1, 2012

Oil Tanker, Persian Gulf

Photograph by Thomas P. Peschak, National Geographic

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A relic of the Iran-Iraq war, this oil tanker was scuttled near the Kuwait-Iraq border on Saddam Hussein’s orders, to block access by sea to southern Iraq. Kuwaiti authorities are reluctant to remove the vessel for fear of damaging the wetlands of nearby Bubiyan Island, an important fish nursery and seabird breeding ground.

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schultzy beckett
schultzy beckett

And you listed two rail accidents, neither of which really provides authority for your headline, do they? One was a collision, the other a derailment.  Are rail cars carrying Evil petroleum products somehow more likely to fall victim to common rail-transportation mishaps, or is something else going on, like rising traffic on particular rail lines increases the statistical probabilities of mishap generally? Given your supporting evidence, a better headline might be "Some things happened, there is a tangential connection to an energy source I am philosophically opposed to, so here's some politically biased correlation  masquerading as journalism."

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