September 17, 2011

Desert Crossing, Rajasthan, India

Photograph by Shivji Joshi, My Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: Your Photos With Tips From Photographer Catherine Karnow

This simple image is all about symmetry and, I would bet, persistence. I doubt the photographer just happened to be standing in the desert when these five women walked by. To get this kind of photograph, you need to spend time with people and follow along with them. In this shot, each woman is stepping forward, and this creates a lovely harmony of movement. Also, each sari is billowing out in the same direction, and the women are evenly separated, which adds to the sense of harmony. To achieve this kind of symmetry, you may have to walk or run alongside the women for as long as it takes to get this shot.

Photo Tip: You may have to spend quite a while with your subjects, following alongside them, to get that perfect shot.

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