March 8, 2013

Rhino Viper, Cameroon

Photograph by Mattias Klum, National Geographic

This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine Features

The element of surprise gives this rhino viper in Cameroon an edge over prey. Quick-kill venom finishes the job. Vipers provide valuable toxins, including those used in drugs for hypertension and heart disease and to control bleeding during surgery.

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Sur Pan
Sur Pan

Butterfly on the spine

Myra Linara
Myra Linara

What a brilliant camouflage! I would have certainly stepped on the viper, not knowing that it was there.
Can't imagine something so venomous can be so beautiful.

Benn Jenkins
Benn Jenkins

@Myra Linara unfortunatley in the world of nature, the most beautiful things are often the most deadly... but a real sense of satisfaction when you manage to get close enough to take a picture and live to tell the tale!

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