May 11, 2013

Winter, Bulgaria

Photograph by Juliano Miteff, My Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: The Stories Behind Your Shots

This is a landscape that I see every day from my terrace in Varna. This is an old playground. I love the silence and quiet that's created by the snow. In other seasons, it is not so beautiful, because kids no longer play there, and it's a little sad. —Juliano Miteff

(This photo was submitted to My Shot.)

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Quintino Raiderfan
Quintino Raiderfan

This is cool and i like how the snow is deep. Were you in a house?

Shannon T
Shannon T

So sad that nobody plays there anymore. Wonderful shot.

Ilya Lychkou
Ilya Lychkou

Снег идет, оставляя весь мир в меньшинстве.

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