June 22, 2013

Tallinn, Estonia

Photograph by Tarik labrighli, National Geographic Your Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: Travel Photos

I love this shot because it is telling different stories, but I like the story that is saying, "Together stronger."

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Ardian Ar
Ardian Ar

awesome....great picture for special moment capture

Dan Dady
Dan Dady

I like this image for its simplicity, I love it for its contrasts in both light and color as well as in the juxtaposition of the tension in the projected shadows compared to the normalcy of the actual couple walking. A superb capture.

water bird
water bird

even without looking at the description, just from the color of the walls and the window frame pattern that this was tallin.. 

i love the intensity of the background contrasted  which frames and contrasts so beautifully with the couple briskly walking and the double play/perspective of the shadow!    resulting in a simple but brilliant photo!  beautiful!

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