May 5, 2013

Sunset, South Africa

Photograph by Giampiero Torello, Your Shot

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In the southern summer of 2012, I spent some weeks for work in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, together with my wife, and we used to take long walks on the beaches around the city in our spare time. One evening we came to a beach called Maitland, a large stretch of sand dunes.

I took a few photographs of the beach while a light wind was moving the sand and the sky was getting cloudy. Gradually the sea and the sky became first gray and then brown before the sun went down. It lasted just a few minutes, but luckily I had not yet finished the battery of my smartphone! I did nothing to this photograph; I was surprised myself but the sunset really looked like this. —Giampiero Torello

(This photo was submitted to Your Shot.)

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Shannon T
Shannon T

Looks like an alien planet. I'm curious where the photographer was standing to get this shot.

Giampiero Torello
Giampiero Torello

@Shannon T yes, it might be a sea of liquid methane. I was standing among the rocks with my feet into the water.

Richard Cook
Richard Cook 1 Like

Spent 5 years of my youth in Port Elizabeth. As soon as I saw the picture recognized instantly the exact spot it was taken !! Maitlands was a favourite weekend destination - the photo captures the dramatic and dream-like quality of the place.

Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing 2 Like

Sand dunes?  I think something is wrong with my computer, all I see is jagged rock. Photos pretty good, but I wouldn't won't to sleep on those sand dunes, as we sometimes did, when I was a kid on the cape. Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Giampiero Torello
Giampiero Torello 2 Like

@Cedar Waxwing You are right, I wouldn't recommend to sleep on those rocks, but that's just part of the beach, which is some Km long and about 100 m wide. Most of it is sand, which you can see towards the bottom of the picture. In another photo there are some people fishing from the shore, barefoot in the sand.

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