March 8, 2016

Make and Mend

Photograph by Phạm Tỵ, National Geographic Your Shot

In the Mekong Delta town of My Tho, Vietnam, a flowing expanse of fishing net is carefully checked for damage. This image offers a glimpse into the daily routine of area fishermen, says the photographer, Your Shot member Phạm Tỵ. “After a long trip at sea, they have to check and mend the damaged nets … It sometimes takes a half day to finish their work. Therefore, the fishermen … mend the nets as fast as possible for the next trip to sea.”

Tỵ's shot was recently featured in the Daily Dozen.

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Larry Bernier
Larry Bernier

Simply lovely, this net to be used to rape the environment here. I live on an island  in Vietnam that is supposed to all be protected national park and I see this 'wonderful" images outside my front door,  I also see the dead sea turtles and dolphins and many other protected species  caught and killed by them. Sublime.

Tina Wade-Lucas
Tina Wade-Lucas

I love how the simplest actions can make such beautiful moments caught in time.

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