May 24, 2012

Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka

Photograph by Carsten Peter, National Geographic

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A volcanologist strides through a murky expanse of steam on Mutnovsky Volcano during an expedition to Kamchatka, Russia. The steam billows from a fumarole, or a vent created by heated groundwater and rising volcanic gas, and it serves as a visible reminder that the peninsula is one of the most volcanically active regions in the world, with some 29 active volcanoes.

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Daniel Saccoia
Daniel Saccoia

i have always been fascinated with Volcano's,  the thought of  being able to see one up close. Wondering it would look like to look down into one knowing that it can erupt at any giving moment gives me a rush. Also being able to learn exactly what kind of facts i can learn that i can teach my daughter about nature.

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