July 29, 2009

Wild Stallions, Wyoming

Photograph by Chris Gimmeson

This Month in Photo of the Day: Images From the 2008 International Photo Contest

These are two wild stallions from the herds in McCullough Peak, which is located just outside of Cody, Wyoming. This image was taken in September 2008 with a Canon Rebel XSI and a long telephoto lens. I expected them to fight but they went back to grazing after a minute of posturing. The Peaks area is pretty desolate with little in the way of water supply and a lack of trees. The main staple for their grazing is sagebrush.

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angel sweetnessX
angel sweetnessX

I love horses wild ones tame ones beautiful but also very cute :)

J White
J White

It's a lovely picture, but two stallions associated with a wild herd are unlikely to have any sort of "loving" relationship. At the very best, they might tolerate each other until the next mare is in estrus.

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