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National Geographic Photo Camp has partnered with organizations worldwide to give youth a voice since 2003. Our mission is to provide opportunities for young people from underserved communities, including at-risk and refugee teens; to provide cross-cultural learning experiences through the photo workshop process; and to work with the next generation of photojournalists to highlight youth perspectives on issues of importance to all.

Photo Camp inspires young people to explore their communities through a camera's lens and to share their vision through public presentations and exhibitions.

Photo Camp is sponsored by National Geographic MIssion Programs and Olympus in partnership with Vision Workshops, of Annapolis, Maryland.

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    Photo Camp Overview

    Watch how National Geographic magazine photographers and editors mentor young people around the world to learn how to express themselves and engage with their communities through the art of photography.

  • Photo: A close-up of a red braid on the streets of Philadelphia

    Photo Camp: Philadelphia

    Students capture their surroundings during National Geographic 2011 Photo Camp Philadelphia, in partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia and Drexel University.

  • photo-camp-promo-vin.jpg

    Photo Camp: Smith Island

    A group of girls from Baltimore learned about rising sea levels and the environment of the Chesapeake Bay through photography during National Geographic 2011 Photo Camp on Smith Island, Maryland.  Watch a video of their work.

  • Photo: Gate with the sea behind it

    Photo Camp: Crimea

    Explore images from the National Geographic 2010 Photo Camp: Crimea, where 20 teens captured a Vermont-size peninsula that juts down from mainland Ukraine into the Black Sea.

  • Photo: Dragonfly perched on a wildflower

    Photo Camp: Biscayne Bay

    Miami high school students paint a unique portrait of Florida's Biscayne National Park—through photos and writing—in this 2010 Photo Camp gallery.

  • Photo: Silhouette of a girl on a dock

    Photo Camp: Barbados

    Twenty teenagers capture the natural beauty and focus on the water issues of the Caribbean island of Barbados—through photos and writing—in this 2010 Photo Camp gallery.

  • Photo: Man painting a mural

    Photo Camp: Pine Ridge

    In 2009, Oglala Lakota young people were asked to look past the poverty, pain, and violence in their lives and find the beauty around them. These are their photos.

  • <p>Photo: Start of a grass basket weave</p>

    Photo Camp: Botswana

    Photographing the wildlife of Botswana's Okavango Delta was all in a day's work for the participants of this 2009 National Geographic Photo Camp.

  • Photo: Canoes on a lake

    Photo Camp: Olympic National Park, Washington State

    It's nearly impossible to take a bad photo in Olympic National Park. See the shots that Photo Camp students captured in August 2009.

  • Photo: Golden Gate Bridge obscured by fog

    Photo Camp: Ocean for Life, California and Florida

    In 2009, 30 students from around the globe had the opportunity to document and learn about marine sanctuaries in California and Florida. See their photos.

  • <p>Photo: Farmer holding a basket of cauliflower</p>

    Photo Camp: India

    "We experience nature by its beauty." See India through the eyes and words of 2009 Photo Camp students from Rajasthan.

  • <p>Photo: Red wooden lobster decoration</p>

    Photo Camp: Maine Islands

    During National Geographic's Photo Camp 2008, a group of Maine students created a photographic portrait of their island communities.

  • <p>Photo: Butterfly on a yellow flower</p>

    Photo Camp: Santa Monica

    In May 2008, 20 students participating in a National Geographic Photo Camp workshop got a special assignment: Document and photograph a 24-hour BioBlitz in the Santa Monica Mountains.

  • <p>Photo: Native American dancer</p>

    Photo Camp: Taos, New Mexico

    National Geographic's Photo Camp 2008 asked students from Taos High School in New Mexico to photograph their surroundings and document how they explore their connections to nature and tradition.

  • <p>Photo: Orange-and-blue frog sitting on moss</p>

    Photo Camp: Costa Rica

    National Geographic’s Photo Camp 2008: Costa Rica asked students at EARTH University to show how the school is working toward sustainable development by balancing agricultural production and environmental preservation.

  • <p>Photo: Yellow house</p>

    Photo Camp: Miami, Florida

    During National Geographic's Photo Camp 2008, Little Havana Institute High School students in Miami, Florida, established personal connections to the environment through photography.

  • <p>Photo: Plant growing near a rock</p>

    Photo Camp: Appalachian Trail, Virginia

    National Geographic's Appalachian Trail Photo Camp 2008 asked students to create a portrait of a Virginia section of the trail and of those volunteers who work to conserve it.

  • <p>Photo: South Dakota desert at twilight</p>

    Photo Camp: Pine Ridge

    National Geographic's Pine Ridge Photo Camp asked participants to show how South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation is reconnecting with the natural environment.

  • new-orleans-photo-camp-promo-vin.jpg

    Photo Camp: New Orleans

    In April 2006, seven months after Hurricane Katrina, 15 young people who had returned to their school and homes were asked to tell their own story—and the story of the city—through photography and written essays. Watch a video of their work.

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