<p>Photo: Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa children</p>

Photograph by Anne Keiser

<p>Photo: Photographer Anne Keiser</p>

Photograph courtesy Anne Keiser

Anne Keiser is a freelance photographer based in Washington, D.C., focusing on photographing public health and conservation issues in developing countries.

From 1972 to 1986 Keiser worked as a photo editor and photographer for the television division at the National Geographic Society. Her assignments took her all over the world.

One of Keiser’s final assignments was photographing Sir Edmund Hillary in the eastern Himalaya for the documentary Return to Everest. The film focused on the humanitarian work Hillary did with the Sherpa people, whom he befriended during his historic ascent of Everest. Motivated by Hillary’s work, Keiser returned to the Himalaya with Hillary numerous times following her initial trip. She compiled the images she shot from these trips in a book, Sir Edmund Hillary & The People of Everest. Keiser has also produced two children’s books on Hillary.

Keiser continues to contribute images to the Image Collection and serves as the official photographer for several nonprofit organizations.

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