World Ocean Floors, Atlantic Ocean Map

Experience the breathtaking detail of the Atlantic Ocean floor with this fascinating map. Included on this map is the article "Diving Into Our Past" which explains the technology behind underwater archeaology. The Mediterranean Sea and parts of the South

Alaska Map

Published in February 1914 with the article "The Nation's Undeveloped Resources," the Map of Alaska contains an abundance of details showing the growing human settlement of the region. U.S. public schools for natives, post offices, telegraph stations, mai

Suburban Washington Map

This map of surburban Washington, D.C. offers a detailed look at the national capital of the United States and its suburbs. Published in December 1964, this map and its companion "Tourist Washington" make up the two-piece set that accompanied the article

Planet of the Dinosaurs Laurasia

When the supercontient Pangaea separated into two great landmasses, Gondwana in the south and Laurasia in the north, dinosaur populations were divided into two main populations that evolved mostly in isolation from each other until they met their end 65 m

Making of America, West Indies Map

Explore the culturally diverse and historically rich islands of the Caribbean with this map of the West Indies. Published in November 1987 as part of the "Making of America" series, this map accompanied two articles, "Searching for Columbus's Lost Co

Middle East, States in Turmoil Map

This informative map of the Middle East highlights each country's military facilities, population, troops, oil reserves, gross national product, and more. An overview of the Gulf War is included. Published in February 1991 as a supplement to the map

Iran, Born at the Crossroads

Iran's diverse geography is revealed in this unique map. Information about the formation of the terrain combined with earth-tone colors and shaded relief present this compelling country in a way that demonstrates how its landscape has been so integral in

North America Map

The North America map of May 1942 shows the continent just months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, bringing the United States into World War II. U.S. Naval bases are noted and an inset map of the Aleutian Islands is included.

Making of America, Atlantic Gateways Theme

Part of the "Making of America" series, this map of the Atlantic Gateways is Side Two of a two-map set. Published in March 1983, this work features an abundance of historical information about the central region of the eastern seaboard including New York,

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