April 30, 2016

April 30, 2016

High Sand and High Seas

Photograph by Julian Walter, National Geographic Your Shot

Namibia, on Africa’s southwest coast, is a large country with a harsh landscape. The towering and constantly shifting dunes of the Namib Desert, shown here in this aerial photo submitted by Your Shot member Julian Walter, run right to the Atlantic Ocean and can reach up to a thousand feet high.

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Francesco Sinibaldi
Francesco Sinibaldi

Le fabuleux chemin du soleil.

( last version )


dans le souffle 

léger d'un matin 

musical, il y a 

le portrait du 

courage qui

marche en silence

comme la pluie

mélodieuse qui 

dessine la tristesse:

j'appelle le sourire 

d'un regard éternel,

la voix de l'espoir

et le son de la grâce 

qui revient dans 

le coeur...

Francesco Sinibaldi

Chris B.
Chris B.

A feeling of infinity - and a beautiful example of how patterns in nature repeat themselves.

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